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English World Level 3 increases children’s fluency in English through more challenging texts and activity types.

Level Overview

Level 3 Scope and Sequence
An overview of Level 3 content, including new vocabulary, grammar and key skills.

Mapping Documents

Mapping Documents

Audio CD Sample

Level 3 Speaking
Unit 1, PB page 25, Activities 1 and 2: Talk about the picture. Listen and read.

Print Samples

Level 3 Dictionary
Key vocabulary is illustrated to help children focus on words learnt in each unit, and to aid revision and practice.
Level 3 Flashcards
Support the presentation of new vocabulary and can be used for classroom games and activities.
Level 3 Grammar Practice Book
Further exercises to consolidate classroom learning that children can complete at their own pace and level.
Level 3 Posters
Play a central role in the teaching of new vocabulary and the presentation of dialogues to promote fluency.
Level 3 Pupil's Book
Contains twelve units. Each unit requires eight teaching sessions and is designed to be taught over a two-week period.
Level 3 Teacher's Guide
Contains step-by-step teaching notes for each lesson, including warm-ups and classroom games.
Level 3 Workbook
Contains exercises designed to be explained by the teacher and completed independently in the classroom or for homework.

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