Activities and Worksheets

Downloadable activities and worksheets to support your students' learning with teacher notes.

Download Resources

A-Z Alphabet Book
A 24 page student book covering the alphabet, letter formation and numbers.
Activities for variety and pace in the pre-primary classroom
From author Jeanne Perret, read these top tips and try the yoga poses!
All About Me - Fact sheet
A fact sheet students complete about themselves.
Alphabet Class Decoration
Alphabet bunting for your classroom complete with teacher notes.
Animal Olympics from Story Central
Teacher notes and worksheets to accompany the storytelling video on our YouTube channel.
Flashcard and Wordcard Activities
Try these out in class, from our Tiger Time authors Carol Read and Mark Ormerod.
Games in the Classroom
Some useful ideas and tips for teaching games in the classroom from our Next Move series!
Life Skills Worksheet
Life Skills worksheet with accompanying teacher notes.
Picture Activity Cards
Vocabulary and grammar, speaking and writing - find activity inspiration for your classroom.
Student Diary
A week's diary for students to complete together with activities.
Tiger Time - What Time Is it?
Use the worksheet with our Tiger Time daily routine video or flashcards!
Working Colllaboratively with Happy Campers
Find out how well you encourage collaboration in class using our this Happy Class Workshop!