Welcome to the Brainwave Gradebook!

How do I access the Gradebook?

To access the Gradebook simply login using your Brainwave Teacher Website login details (your email address as your username and your password).


The system will recognize you are a teacher and show you the teacher version of the Gradebook.


What is the Gradebook?

The Gradebook is a simple online marking system that retains all of your students' scores automatically. Every online practice activity in the Homework Zone on the Student Website is directly linked into the Gradebook. Grading, reviewing and analyzing your students’ scores has never been easier.


How do I use the Gradebook?

In order to use the Gradebook, you will need to put your students into classes. This is very simple and once you open the Gradebook for the first time, there will be prompts on how to do this.


Basically, there are two ways:


  • You create a class and give your students the Class Password, which they enter into their Gradebook, thus putting them into your class.  
  • You create a class and add the students manually using their Student IDs, which appear on the learners’ Gradebook.

Once your Class is created and your children are included in the class, you can see all of their scores per unit, per activity, how many times they did each activity, and the Class Average.

Please watch the video tutorial to see this exciting new tool in action.


Please ensure your browser's pop-up blocker is disabled to launch the Gradebook

Video Tutorial

Gradebook Video Tutorial
Please watch this video tutorial to see the Gradebook tool in action!