Teacher Development Program

Welcome to the Brainwave Teacher Development Program!

The Teacher Development Program is a vital resource for today’s successful teacher. We have created various modules that cover methodology reference materials and pedagogical support notes.


Each module is on one topic, which range from CLIL to Constructivism, and from Classroom Management to Brain-Based Learning.


The Teacher Development Program modules can be easily printed out and combined to become an important resource for your professional development and those of your colleagues.

Teacher Development Resources

Blended Learning and Interactive Whiteboards
Andrés Ramos’ module shows the teacher how to utilise digital resources in the classroom, with a focus on IWBs.
Brain-Based Learning

Using new research, Andreina España’s module shows how adapting classrooms to ‘brain-friendly’ environments maximises the students’ learning potential

Classroom Management

To aid professional development, Fiodhna Gardiner-Hyland’s module gives guidance and tips for creating an effective, controlled learning environment.


Agustina Tocalli-Beller’s module provides a clear overview of CLIL principles and benefits and gives guidance on how to implement these into lessons.

Competencies and 21st Century Thinking Skills
Anita Heald’s module blends theory with a number of engaging practical tasks to keep the teacher informed in this key area of methodology.
This module, written by Cristina Banfi, includes a comprehensive introduction to constructivist theory along with further ideas for in-class use.
Differentiated Instruction
Hans Mol’s module offers advice and tips for teachers working with mixed abilities and different learning styles.
ESL and EFL Teaching

Cheryl Pavlik’s module shows the differences in EFL and ESL learning processes and how teachers can meet the specific needs of each type of class

Multiple Intelligencies
Dave Tucker outlines the different types of intelligence and gives pedagogical advice on exploiting these in the classroom to help each student.
School Readiness
Myriam Monterrubio De Sierra’s module helps in using the complete course to assess levels, and offers tips for ongoing support and assessment.