Methodology Modules

Access teaching methodology modules on a range of topics.

The methodology modules are a vital resource for today’s successful teacher. We have created various modules that cover methodology reference materials and pedagogical support notes. The modules can be easily printed out and combined to become an important resource for your continued professional development.

To print a resource, please click ‘Download’ first. Then open it in a PDF viewer.


Downloadable Resources

Blended Learning
How to use Interactive Whiteboards and the English World digital resources.
Classroom Management
How to manage your classroom most effectively.
How to use Content Integrated Language and Learning in your lesson.
Differentiated Instruction
How to meet the needs of pupils learning at different paces.
Home–School Communication
How to build effective home–school communication.
Multiple Intelligences
How to inspire a class with Multiple Intelligences.
The Transition from Preschool to Primary
How to assist with the transition from preschool to primary.
Primary to Secondary Transition
How to assist your pupils in the transition from primary to secondary.
Teaching Phonics
How to teach phonics with English World.
Teaching Writing
How to get children writing at level 1.