Young Learners English Skills

Find out more about the Young Learners English Skills series.

Young Learners English Skills is a three-level series designed to prepare young learners for the Cambridge English Young Learner Starters, Movers and Flyers tests in a fun and practical way.
The Pupil’s Books contain a wide range of classroom-based activities that consolidate the language taught in most young learner coursebooks and provide training for the tasks students will meet in their Young Learner Exams. Students are encouraged to progress slowly from a passive use of the language to more independent, active communication.
Teachers are supported with full lesson notes, tips, extra activities and exam overviews in the Teacher’s Books that accompany each level. Each Teacher’s Book has a unique code giving access to the Teacher Resources area of the Young Learners Exams website. Here you will find a wealth of extra resources that can be downloaded, printed and used with young learners in the classroom:
  • skills activities, with full teaching notes
  • exam practice activities
  • a practice test for each level, including audio for the Listening parts
  • videos of the Speaking test in action.

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