About Starter Level

The Student Book features songs, echoes, cheers, and comic strips. Students consolidate and review language while developing listening and fluency skills. In Starter Level, Make and Play! lessons provide the opportunity for students to collaborate as they create a game together while using the unit’s target language.

The Language Lodge features workbook-style pages that link directly to the vocabulary and grammar lessons in the Student Book. Activities provide extensive practice to help students remember and assimilate new language.
The Presentation Kit is a fully interactive presentation tool that can be used to project all Student Book and The Language Lodge pages. Interactive activities may be completed as a class or used to check answers. Language presentations are supported by lively vocabulary echo and grammar cheer videos, as well as comic strip animations featuring lovable characters Nate and Kate.
The Student App practices and consolidates Starter Level vocabulary through highly motivating games.

Print Samples

Student Book S Sample Game
Starter Level, Student Book, Happy Families Game, Unit 7.
Student Book S Sample Unit
Starter Level, Student Book, Unit 7.
Student Book S Scope and Sequence
Overview of the vocabulary and grammar in Starter Level.
Teacher's Edition S Sample Unit
Starter Level, Teacher's Edition, Unit 7.
The Language Lodge S Sample Unit
Starter Level, The Language Lodge, Unit 7.

Audio CD Samples

Student Book S Class Audio Sample Song: My Family
Starter Level, Class Audio, Unit 7.