Home-School Link

Articles, quizzes and videos to start, help and improve your Home-School Link.

What is Home-School Link? Are you trying to set one up? How good is your Home-School Link? Are you looking for ways to improve your communication with parents? How can you use technology to do this? Is something going wrong in your communication strategy? We answer all of these questions and more!


At Macmillan we consider teachers, students and parents as equally important in the learning process so we’ve put together resources to help students achieve their potential. Take a look at our Home-School Link video playlist on YouTube or download our articles, top tips and quizzes which we’ll be updating monthly. Check back to see what’s new or subscribe to our Young Learners emails to get new resources delivered to your inbox.

Downloadable Resources

1. What is Home-School Link?
Article includes top tips on setting up a home-school link.
2. How well do you communicate with parents?
Take our quiz to find out how well you communicate with parents.
3. Top tips on developing a good communication strategy
Top tips on how to communicate better with parents.
4. Using technology in your Home-School Link
How to connect with parents using technology and taking it from the classroom to the home.
5. Personal contact with parents
Top tips for building a long-lasting relationship of trust and respect with parents - key to an effective Home-School Link.
6. Open Evenings and Parents' Evenings
Top tips on what to and what not to do when faced with a lot of parents!
7. Meauring Success
Find how and when to measure the success of your home-school link.
8. Breaking down Barriers
Match the problem to its solution and break down the barriers in your home-school link communication.
9. More than just Homework
Homework isn't the only interaction between the school and the home. Find more here!
10. Parent Awareness
Find out how to increase parent awareness of your Home-School link.
11. Exam Preparation
Advice you can give to parents to make their home productive for exam preparation!
12. Extended Learning
Top tips for learning beyond the classroom!