About Learning Stars

British English




Jeanne Perrett and Jill Leighton

Levels: Little Learning Stars, Level 1 and 2


Authors: Jeanne Perrett and Jill Leighton


Learning Stars helps children develop English language skills at an early age and provides an attractive platform for them to learn while enjoying stories, singing or doing activities in the classroom.   


The course includes:


  • Stories to catch young learners' attention
  • A phonics section
  • An inter-disciplinary section
  • Songs and chants that reinforce vocabulary
  • Digital components for both students and teacher
  • Activities and games that help students recognise words and structures
  • A Maths Book which reinforces early numeracy learning
  • Handwriting videos that help the understanding of letter and number formation in Level 1 and word formation in Level 2


Find out more about the course

See all the different components on offer and browse sample print and digital resources to discover the rich content, entertaining stories and engaging songs that  young learners can use inside the classroom or at home.



Access online teacher resources

The Learning Stars Teacher’s Website contains printable resources to use in class. At the back of your Teacher’s Guide you will find an access code for the online materials to be used with this course. This part of the site will be coming in May 2014. Check back with us soon for great online resources.

Resource Sets

About Level 1

Browse Level 1 sample resources.

About Level 2

Browse Level 2 sample resources.

Little Learning Stars

Browse Little Learning Stars sample resources.

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