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Learning Stars is a high level course for children learning English for the first time. The course includes a systematic phonics programme with reading and writing and a separate Maths Book introducing early number concept. 


The course builds to school readiness and has a strong assessment strand to ensure children have the skills and capabilities to begin full-time schooling.



Learning Stars has funny and entertaining stories featuring Bella the butterfly who introduces vocabulary at the beginning of every unit and Horsey who is a regular member of the class.


Level 1 has drama and role play activities, memorable and lively songs and chants to help children retain language. Cross-curricular pages in every unit covering science, nature and a range of child-friendly Early Years topics.


Also featuring handwriting animation to help children with letter and number formation.



Sample Resources

Level 1 Flashcards
Flashcards with colourful printable images to be used together with the lessons
Level 1 Scope and Sequence
Outlines the language structures, vocabulary and cross-curricular themes covered


Level 1 Digibook
Digibook, flashcards, stories, songs with lyrics and hand writing animation to be used by teachers.
Level 1 CD-ROM
CD-ROM with activities that reinforce vocabulary and comprehension to be used by students at home.


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