Little Learning Stars

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Little Learning Stars is a high level course for children learning English for the first time. The course includes a systematic phonics programme with reading and writing. The course builds to school readiness and has a strong assessment strand to ensure children have the skills and capabilities to begin full-time schooling.
Little Learning Stars has funny and entertaining stories featuring Horsey and Bella together with Lily and Jack.
Little Learning Stars is an introduction to English for very young children before they start their formal study in Learning Stars 1.

Sample Resources

LLS Scope and Sequence
Outlines the language structures, vocabulary and cross-curricular themes covered
Little Learning Stars PB
Pupil's Book featuring friendly characters with funny stories and lively songs
Little Learning Stars Flashcards
Flashcards with colourful printable images to be used together with the lessons


LLS Audio Sample L1 01
LLS Audio Sample L1 02
LLS Audio Sample L1 03
LLS Audio Sample L2 01
LLS Audio Sample L2 02
LLS Audio Sample L3 01
LLS Audio Sample L3 02
LLS Audio Sample L4 01
LLS Audio Sample L5 01
LLS Audio Sample L5 02
LLS Audio Sample L7 01
LLS Audio Sample L7 02

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