Dear Parent
Your child will be learning English using Learning Stars which is a 3 high level course. Little Learning Stars aimed at ages 2-3 and Learning Stars 1 and 2 aimed at ages 3-5.
Learning Stars delivers an introduction to communicative English along with beginning to read, write and spell in English. The course has a strong drama and role-play strand allowing children to practise language in a meaningful way and gain confidence in speaking and communicating in a new language.
Little Learning Stars is delivered through eight units, with 7 lessons in each unit and Learning Stars is delivered through ten units, with six lessons in each unit.
Your child will be involved in songs, games, small craft activities and rhymes as well as interactive digital activities amongst other fun activities in the classroom all designed to develop their skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
When learning a language, interest and encouragement from family members can be very important and you can find suggestions for helping your child at home in the Inside Parent resources of the Learning Stars website.
We hope that you and your child will enjoy learning English with Learning Stars!
Inside Parents’ resources
Wordlist: A wordlist for each level in different languages.
Ideas for learning at home: useful advice on practicing English at home. Short activities to revise and recycle what your child is learning in class.
Parents can play a vital part in supporting their child’s education. Getting involved in your child’s home study activities can significantly extend classroom learning. With Learning Stars there are numerous opportunities for you to contribute to your child’s language learning success.
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Sample Resources

Word list Level 1
List of vocabulary words with unit reference.
Word list Level 2
List of vocabulary words with unit reference.
Ideas for learning at home
Ideas on how to practise at home.
Word List Little Learning Stars

Resource Sets

Level 1 Songs

Learning Stars Level 1 Song titles

Level 2 Songs

Learning Stars Level 2 Song titles

LLS Songs

Learning Stars Song titles

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