Learning Stars FAQs

What are the components of Learning Stars and configuration?


  • Levels 1 and 2 have Pupil’s book with take home CD ROM, Activity book, Maths book, Teacher’s guide with a digibook, audio CD.
  • Levels 1 and 2 are 10 units and each unit has 6 lessons. The Activity and Maths books are linked but can also be taught separately if required.


What is a digibook?


It’s a page faithful pupils books for teachers to use in class. Teachers can play the audio while showing the lesson page at the same time, they can also highlight words and move from one page or unit to another. Teachers can also access songs, stories and flashcards from the home page. Flashcards and stories can be printed from the digibook. There is also and handwriting tool which shows letter and number formation. (I suggest you direct customers to the video on the website.)



I don’t have a smartboard (IWB)  and can’t use the digibook, does that mean I can’t teach the course?


Not at all, the digibook is an extra and the course can be taught without it. The teacher’s Guide instructions only refer to the digibook at the end of each unit.



Are there printed posters?


No, but teachers can print individual story frames from the digibook.



Are there printed flashcards?


Yes about 80 flashcards for all three levels which will be available next year. However all digital flashcards are now available on the website and digibook.



How do you teach phonics?


Letters are taught in alphabetical order in level 1 then in groups in level 2.


The presentation of phonics in the alphabetical order which contradicts with Jolly Phonics approach, why is that? 


  • There are a number of different approaches to the teaching of Phonics: analytic phonics, synthetic phonics, Jolly Phonics etc. There is no one "correct" approach for teaching individual letter sounds and teachers/schools may favour one method or order over others


  • During the research phase of the development of Learning Stars, teachers informed the authors that they prefer to teach letters in alphabet order and so this alphabet order was adopted for the phonics sections of Learning Stars. Likewise the Explorers Phonics Readers follow the alphabet order of letters introduced in the Macmillan English Explorers reading series so that teachers can link the characters, contexts, vocabulary and sounds together. 




I use Jolly Phonics and it’s different with how Learning Stars presents phonics, how do I overcome this?


As with all materials, teachers are free to select and adapt those pages and activities which best suit the needs of their students at the time. The phonics sections do not have to be covered in the order given - so a teacher using the Jolly Phonics approach could select the pages that best suit their needs and teach them in the order that appears in the Jolly Phonics approach. The LS phonics pages should then complement any Jolly Phonics materials being used.



I teach 4 lessons a week but my colleague has more lessons per week, can both schools teach the course?


Yes, the course can be taught over 4-8 lessons a week. There is a detailed lesson planner for different teaching hours on Learning Stars website.



There are no words in Level 1, how can parents explain the lesson to their children?


There is a Parent section on the website with letter to parents explaining rational of the course, vocabulary list in both English, Arabic and Spanish. The scope and sequence which details grammar structures, vocabulary, phonics, skills, values, cross curricular and Maths skills is available for free on the Learning Stars website. The take home CD ROM at the back of each Pupil’s book can also help parents take part in their child’s education.


What’s on the website? How do I access it? Is it free?


The website is packed with extra resources. Everything is free

  • Go to www.macmillanyounglearners.com/learningstars. Click on the ‘About’ tab for general information about the course
  • Click on Resource set for either level to access the scope and sequence, flashcards, sample unit from Pupil’s book, Activity book, Maths book, songs, video explaining the Digibook and CD ROM.
  • To access the teacher’s extra resources you will need to activate your code which can be found on the inside cover of the teacher’s guide. There you will have access to Letter and word templates, number templates, extra worksheets, lesson planner for different teaching hours.
  • There is also a section for parents (school parent link) with a letter for parents explaining the course and the wordlist. Both documents are translated into Arabic and Spanish.


How long did it take to publish LS?


The course took about two years in the making. Learning Stars is a result of extensive research from the author and editorial team which involved visiting schools from different markets and involving teachers and advisors throughout the whole process. Markets were involved in creating scope and sequence, commented on manuscripts, approved artwork and songs.

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