Teacher's Resources

Extra materials for classroom use

Worksheets, project activity sheets, flashcards and posters to reinforce learning and help consolidate vocabulary and grammar structures.


Reference materials

Resources to help with your planning, including CIPP mapping documents, dual language wordlists, the scope and sequence for each level, and letters to parents about the course in English and Arabic.


Are you looking for the Macmillan English Tests? These have now moved and are downloadable with the new Presentation Kit. If you need them please send an e-mail request to help@macmillan.com.

Inside Teacher's Resources

CIPP and YLE Mapping

Cambridge curriculum and exam mapping documents.

Dual Language Wordlists

An English-Arabic wordlist for each level.


Flashcards for Levels 1 to 3.

Letter to Parents

Letters to parents about Macmillan English in English and Arabic.


High quality visual aids for all levels.


Three activity sheets per level for group projects.

Scope and Sequence

Overview of the content in each level.


Worksheets and teacher's notes for each unit of the six levels.