Macmillan Next Move BE

Fun and varied materials to keep teachers and students on the move

Macmillan Next Move is a fun and engaging seven-level British English course which takes students on a journey through different countries and cultures as they explore the English language.  


With fresh and dynamic Pupil's Books and Workbooks and new digital materials, both teachers and students will always be on the move with Macmillan Next Move.                  



Key features:                                                          

-A reading comprehension programme with fiction and non-fiction texts.                                                                                                                               

- A variety of activities to develop competencies and story-based lessons to develop values.  


-New digital components with resources for teachers and students including videos and animated phonics.     


Find out all about the Macmillan Next Move course and browse sample print and digital resources to discover how our rich content can support you and your learners inside and outside the classroom. 
If you are already a Macmillan Next Move teacher, register or log-in to access our Teacher Resources including printable tests and a variety of printable templates to enhance your lessons.

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