Get decorating your classroom with these original, colourful and educational posters!

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An A-Z poster with pictures.
Alphabet and Numbers
Alphabet and numbers poster from our course Little Learning Stars.
Animals Around the World
Learn about animals around the world with this poster - with or without text.
Classroom Language - Stories
Remind your students to speak in English when in the classroom with this poster from our course Story Central.
House and Home
Learn the rooms and objects in a house with Tiger Time!
Inventors and Inventions
Get students thinking and talking about science!
Learn About Clothes
Learn about clothes and what they're made from.
Life Skills
Put on the classroom wall and put a skill in each box to achieve! Tick when completed. Accompanies the Life Skills worksheet.
Move your Feet! Song
Students will sing and dance to this song from Happy Campers.
Numbers and Colours
Poster with numbers and colours.
Phonics Poster - sh - ll - ck - ch - th
Phonics poster focusing on the sounds sh, ll, ck, ch and th.
This is Me!
Parts of the body poster from our multisensory course.