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Young Explorers 1 - Phonics

Each book in the new Phonics Reading Series has a strong, identifiable phonic focus. The series follows the scope and sequence of phonic skills taught in the existing Explorers phonic workbooks.


Many of the phonically regular words found at each level in the existing Explorers reading books and the Explorers phonic workbooks, are re-used in the Phonic Reading Series books and listed at the back of each book. Specific phonic vocabulary is also listed at the back of each book.

Each title has free downloadable audio. Professor Green and the Snake also includes sample pages so that you can take a look inside the reader. You can also find comprehensive teacher's notes for Explorers Phonics below.

Readers by Title

Crazy Cat and Fat Old Rat
Daisy is Ill
Professor Green and the Snake
Tom's Haircut

Teacher Resources

Macmillan Explorers Phonics Teacher's Notes

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