A World of Young Learners

Find maps and activities to use in the classroom or at home.

Welcome to A World of Young Learners! How much do you know about the world around you? We’ve created world maps and accompanying activities that can be used in the classroom or at home focusing on different subjects such as animals, sports, languages and more! We’ll be updating the maps and activities every month so keep checking back to see what’s new or subscribe to our Young Learners emails to get new resources delivered to your inbox.

Downloadable Resources

Animal World Map
An animal world map that you can print or project in your classroom.
Animal World Map Activities
Worksheets to accompany your animal world map.
Globe Activities - 1
A variety of activities to use with our inflatable globe, or any ball - with teacher tips!
Landmarks Map
Identify the landmarks from Macchu Picchu to the Great Wall of China.
Landmarks Map Worksheets
Label the map with word cards and practice comparatives and superlatives with the worksheet!
Solar System
Explore the solar system from Earth! Matching flashcards available in 'Flashcards' resources.
Solar System Worksheet
Label and colour the solar system from Mercury to Neptune.
Sports Flashcards and Wordcards
Wordcards and flashcards to accompany the sports map!
Sports World Map
Identify these sports from around the world!
Student World Map
Meet Macmillan students from around the world!
World Map
A world map that you can print or project in your classroom.
World Map Activities
Activities for the classroom or home to accompany your world map.