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Inspire a love for reading with Story Central or sing, chant, cheer and clap your way through Happy Campers. Perhaps you want to get your students roaring with Tiger Time, our new course written by renowned author Carol Read. Or turn your students into Learning Stars with our high-level pre-primary course or get them moving and motivated using Bebop, our multisensory course!


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For teachers


We also have free resources for you to download and use in your classes – these include flashcards, posters, worksheets and planners. NEW for 2016 we have A World of Young Learners with various maps and activities as well as a Home-School Link guide with articles and videos – keep checking back for more as these will be updated monthly or subscribe to our Young Learners emails to get new resources delivered to your inbox.


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Student and Parents


Find free worksheets and posters that you can print to help your child learn at home, these include wall decorations as well as a book to learn the alphabet with. Don’t forget to check out our young learners apps that are available to download on phones and tablets.


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