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Bebop is a three level English course designed specifically for children aged 3-6 years.


Developing language, academic, and physical development skills, Bebop takes a playful, multi-sensory approach to whole-child learning and motivation. Full of energy and music, the Bebop Band characters in the Storysong and the Action Song lessons help to bring the new language to life.


Bebop involves parents in their child's learning through the use of mobile technology by offering a parent's app. Bebop Band is a fun way for parents to keep up to date with what their child has been learning at school and allows them to play an active role in supporting their child's understanding of English.


By exposing children to language in meaningful contexts through sight, sound and motion, Bebop ensures young children are engaged, learning and - most importantly - having fun!


Find out more about the course, browse sample level one materials and listen to sample audio from Bebop here.


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The Bebop Website contains printable resources to use in class. At the front of your Teacher’s Edition you will find an access code for the online materials to be used with this course. These include the Letter Work Program, Number Work Program, Festival Lessons, and Action Song Worksheets.


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