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Each unit of Bebop teaches topic-based vocabulary. At Level 3 children will learn key language related to classroom actions; games and activities; swimwear, night wear, and clothes for dressing up; circus performers; family members and actions around the home; wild animals; food for lunch and dinner; places to visit and transportation.


Signs can help children to learn vocabulary more easily and the Teacher’s Edition and Presentation Kit show teachers how to introduce American Sign Language to support learning of the key language. Each level provides eight funny and entertaining Storysongs featuring the Bebop Band (Eddy, Flo, Leo, and Susie). Set to music, these stories practice the unit key vocabulary and show it in a meaningful context that pre-school children will be familiar with.


At Level 3, Storysong themes include working together on a group project at school, having a sleepover, and playing “restaurants.”Each unit also has an Action Song, which supports the children's language learning through the Total Physical Response approach. The Action Songs relax the children and give them the freedom to express themselves in a new language, while supporting gross motor development.


Actions at Level 3 include counting, dancing, singing; jumping, swimming, walking. The children will also learn directions (down, up, left, right) and words that describe speed (quickly, slowly).


Level 3 Activity Book Sample
A sample unit from the Activity Book.
Level 3 Student Book sample
A sample unit from the Student's Book.


Level 3 Story Song
Level 3 Flashcards
Level 3 Action Song


Level 3 Audio Sample 1
Level 3 Audio Sample 2
Level 3 Audio Sample 3
Level 3 Audio Sample 4
Level 3 Audio Sample 5
Level 3 Audio Sample 6
Level 3 Audio Sample 7
Level 3 Audio Sample 8
Level 3 Audio Sample 9

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