Extra Resources

Welcome to the Brainwave Extra Resources area!

We have created a Spelling Bee Handbook and black line masters as additional classroom resources. Simply choose what you need and print and go. Ready-made resources are just a click away.


The Spelling Bee Handbook

The Spelling Bee Handbook is your complete guide to holding a Spelling Bee contest and preparing your students to become capable and confident spellers.


It contains all the information you need about what a Spelling Bee is and how to organize a successful contest in school, as well as activities designed to improve your students’ spelling, both inside and outside the classroom.


The handbook also contains the Brainwave wordlists—alphabeticized lists of all the key vocabulary from the Student Book, structured unit-by-unit, with additional support features for problematic spelling areas.


Black line masters

The black line masters support certain Student Book activities, providing your students with templates that they can use for more craft-based work.

Downloadable Resources

Black Line Master Level 1 Unit 10
Lesson 1: Clock
Black Line Master Level 1 Unit 4
Lesson 5: Animal Masks
Black Line Master Level 2 Unit 2
Lesson 5: Clock
Black Line Master Level 3 Unit 7
Lesson 5: Aztec Calendar
Black Line Master Level 6 Unit 7
Lesson 7: Substitution Code
Spelling Bee Handbook
Tips and suggestions on how to prepare for and hold Spelling Bees.