Home-School Connect

A home–school communication system based on sending home merit cards.

Home–School Connect is a home–school communication system that rewards children for their hard work at the end of every unit by sending home merit cards. The merit cards feature a fun activity and a language review box to encourage children to recycle some of the language they have learnt in the unit at home. 
The Teacher’s Booklet tells you all about Home–School Connect and how to get parents on board. We have also prepared a presentation for you to give to parents in the following languages: English, Arabic, Chinese, Georgian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. Have a look at the English World teacher methodology module on home–school communication to learn more about why it's so important.


Teacher's booklet

How to use Home–School Connect and how to introduce it to parents.

Merit cards

Merit cards to be sent home with every child at the end of each unit.


A presentation for introducing parents to Home–School Connect.