Teacher's Resources

Happy Campers provides a wealth of additional resources to support busy teachers.

With the Assessment Pack, teachers will be able to evaluate students through classwork and written tests. By using both Teamwork Assessments and Language Assessments, teachers can record scores and gain a more complete understanding of each child's progress.

The Visuals Pack contains printable flashcards, posters, and activity ideas for practicing and reviewing the key language in Happy Campers. Posters can be printed in A3 and A1 size.

The Happy Actors Pack includes plays, poems, and songs for students to perform on open days, plus helpful notes on props, costumes, and putting on a performance.

The Planners are designed to help teachers organize their lessons to get the maximum out of the Happy Campers resources.

The Methodology Handbook explains the pedagogy behind the Happy Campers course and provides useful workshop ideas on giving encouragement and feedback, focusing attention, collaboration, and participation.

Print Samples

Assement Pack Sample
Happy Actors Pack Sample
Methodology Handbook Sample
Skills Book Planners Sample
Student Book Planners Sample
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Audio CD Samples

Happy Actors Pack Sample Audio