Learning Stars – Level 2

Attractive images that help teachers introduce new vocabulary, revise words from previous lessons or generate motivation before a new lesson. 

Here you will find worksheets to essential on paper practice for word which reinforce directionality and print concepts. 


The worksheets do not have to be completed in a particular order, although the alphabet and number worksheets can be used sequentially to review letters and numbers taught in each unit.


You may wish to use some worksheets after a particular unit as a way of reviewing key language.


You can use all the worksheets or choose certain worksheets to support the individual needs of your class or particular children. 

Sample Resources

Level 2 Word templates
Word templates for extra practise.
Level 2 Lesson planner
Downloadable ready-made lesson planner.
Level 2 Worksheets
Downloadable ready-made practice material.
Level 2 Flashcards

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