Spelling Bee Handbook

A guide to holding a Spelling Bee with your class.

The Spelling Bee Handbook contains all the information you need to hold a Spelling Bee contest at your school. Along with instructions there are Macmillan Next Move word lists for every unit of the course.

Download the Resources

Classroom Activities
Ideas for fun spelling activities to use in the classroom.
Home Study Activities
Activities for children to practise their spelling at home.
Introduction and instructions for holding a Spelling Bee.
Level 1 Word List
Level 1 word list.
Level 2 Word List
Level 2 word list.
Level 3 Word List
Level 3 word list.
Level 4 Word List
Level 4 word list.
Level 5 Word List
Level 5 word list.
Level 6 Word List
Level 6 word list.
The rules and regulations of a Spelling Bee.
Spelling Bee Booklet
Introduction, instruction, rules and extra spelling activities.

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