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Macmillan Children's Readers

A variety of fiction and non-fiction titles in six levels for children aged from 6 to 12 years old.

Macmillan Children's Readers reinforce the basic structures and vocabulary found in most primary courses, and make learning English a fun and informative experience.


Readers can be used as supplementary reading material with any primary course. We've mapped the Macmillan Children's Readers titles against a number of our courses, and you can view or download these mapping documents for MCRs by Level.


There are activity pages and a picture dictionary or wordlist at the back of each reader. You can also download free worksheets and audio mp3s to listen to the stories for each level below.

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MCR Mapping Documents

Series titles mapped against our courses for young learners.

MCRs By Level

Find Macmillan Children's Readers and resources for each of the six levels.

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